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INCS - Circular Letter November 2007

The International Newsletter of Communist Studies

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Circular Letter May 2008

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Contributors of the International Newsletter.

We are glad to announce the release of the 2008 issue of theInternational Newsletter for Communist Studies Online. The online version, which can be freely downloaded from here, incorporates 218 pages, illustrating a new worldwide impetus for archival-based scholarly research and transnational and transdisciplinary historical Communist studies. The current issue includes eight project presentations, five biographical, regional and institutional studies of a wide geographic and thematic spectrum, 13 book reviews and various informational items (see the table of contents below). We would like to thank everybody who made this possible through his contributions. Without the commitment of our contributors and correspondents such an issue, which can be considered one of the most extensive and diversified in the 15-year-history of the International Newsletter, would have simply been impossible.

As usual, the bibliographical coverage of topics related to Communist Studies is a major focus of the International Newsletter in general and this issue in particular. Here you can find a new issue of the "International Bibliography of Communist Studies", covering 682 book publications from 43 countries, representing large research efforts in countries such as Russia, Germany, Spain and France, but demonstrating at the same time continuous scientific output worldwide – from Algeria to Estonia, from Sri Lanka to Serbia and beyond. In accordance to the philosophy of the Newsletter, this aims to bring the global paths of research into context and into interaction, contributing to the empirical foundations and synergies for ongoing research and new projects in preparation. In this sense, we hope that you will find these data useful.

To extend this approach further, from this issue on we introduce another vital bibliographical tool: the "International Article Bibliography on Communist Studies and Related Topics" published during the year 2007 in scientific journals and periodicals globally. 331 journal articles and other contributions have been retrieved for the year 2007, yet we are aware that some still might be missing. Participation of readers and correspondents is highly appreciated for this new section as well. Everyone is encouraged to send us suggestions, articles, contributions and all kind of informational data on the various sections for the 2009 issue of the International Newsletter. The deadline is the 15th of September, 2008.

With best regards and wishes for your ongoing projects,

Bernhard H. Bayerlein, Executive Editor

Gleb Albert, Assistant Editor


The International Newsletter of Communist Studies (2008), no. 21.
Der Internationale Newsletter der Kommunismusforschung.
La newsletter internationale des recherches sur le communisme.

Table of Contents

Section I: The Newsletter of the Newsletters. Communist Studies – New Issues – Selected Items.

Section II: News on Archives, Fonds and Institutions.

• New Archival Portals, Archives and Libraries in Russia, the Baltic States, Italy, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

Heiner Bröckermann, Potsdam: Digitalisierungsprojekt der Protokolle des Nationalen Verteidigungsrates der DDR 1960 – 1989.

Section III: Research Projects, Books and Doctoral Dissertations – Work in Progress.

• Kasper Braskén, Turku: Internationale Arbeiterhilfe and Comintern in Weimar Germany as a Network of Mutual Dependence? A Research Report.

Anne Hartmann, Bochum: "Ich kam, ich sah, ich werde schreiben". Lion Feuchtwanger, Moskau 1937. Eine Dokumentation.

Alix Heiniger, Genève: Comités "Freies Deutschland" à l’Ouest, résistance et exil allemands contre le Nazisme. Thèse de doctorat.

Laura Polexe, Freiburg: Freundschaft und Netzwerke am Beispiel der Sozialdemokraten Rumäniens, Russlands und der Schweiz Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts. Dissertationsprojekt.

• Barbara Stelzl-Marx, Graz: Verschleppt und erschossen. Österreichische Stalinopfer in Moskau 1950–1953. Ein Forschungsbericht.

• Kristene Unsworth, Seattle: Identifying the Enemy. Social Categorization and National Security Policy. PhD-Project.

Holger Weiss, Turku: Anglophone West African Radicals and the Comintern Connection. Report on a Research Project.

Gerben Zaagsma, Florence: Jewish-Born Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. PhD-Project.

• Russian and International Doctoral Theses, New Research and Edition Projects.

Section IV: Biographical, Regional and Institutional Materials and Studies.

IV.1: Biographical Materials and Studies.

Holger Weiss, Turku: E.A. Richards alias I.T.A. Wallace-Johnson? Some Notes About the Identity of West African Radicals.

• Sonia Combe, Nanterre: Die DDR-Forschung in Frankreich vor der Wende (1979–1989). Ein Zeitzeugenbericht.

IV.2: Regional Materials and Studies.

Avgust Lešnik, Ljubljana: The Soviet-Yugoslav Conflict of 1948 − A Conflict Between Two Different Doctrines of Socialism?

• Rolf Wörsdörfer, Darmstadt: Partisanenkrieg und nationale Frage in Istrien. Das Ende des Giovanni-Zol-Bataillons.

IV.3: Institutional Materials and Studies.

Andreas Stergiou, Rethimnon: Machtergreifung und Machtbesitz mit demokratischen Mitteln. Der Fall der zypriotischen kommunistischen Partei AKEL.

Section V: New Publications – Reviews and Reports.

Weber, Hermann; Weber, Gerda: Leben nach dem "Prinzip links". Erinnerungen aus fünf Jahrzehnten, Berlin, Ch. Links Verlag, 2006. 480 p. (Bernhard H. Bayerlein und Gleb Albert).


V.1: Reviews.

Anderson, Kevin B.; Hudis, Peter (eds.): The Rosa Luxemburg Reader, New York, Monthly Review Press, 2004. (Ottokar Luban, Berlin).

Barth, Bernd-Rainer; Schweizer, Werner (eds.):  Der Fall Noel Field – Schlüsselfigur der Schauprozesse in Osteuropa. Asyl in Ungarn 1954–1957. Vol. II, Berlin, BasisDruck, 2007. (Wilfriede Otto, Berlin).

Benser, Günter (ed.): Älter ist nicht alt genug. Henryk Skrzypczak. Festschrift zum 80. Geburtstag, Berlin, Förderkreis Archive und Bibliotheken zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, 2007. (Rainer Holzer, Berlin)

Dam'e, Vadim V.; Savina, I. S., Marianna B. Korčagina (eds.): Vlast' i obščestvo v predstavlenii levych obščestvenno-političeskich dviženij, Moskva, IVI RAN, 2005. (Gleb Albert, Mannheim).

Gorny, Yosef: Converging Alternatives. The Bund and the Zionist Labor Movement. 1897–1985, Albany, State University of New York Press, 2006. (Frank Wolff, Köln).

Groppo, Bruno; Unfried, Berthold (eds.): Gesichter in der Menge. Kollektivbiographische Forschungen zur Geschichte der Arbeiterbewegung, Leipzig, Akademische Verlagsanstalt, 2006. 221 p. (ITH-Tagungsberichte. 40). (Frank Wolff, Köln).

Hürtgen, Renate: Zwischen Disziplinierung und Partizipation. Vertrauensleute des FDGB im DDR-Betrieb, Köln – Wien, Böhlau Verlag, 2005. (Mathieu Denis, Berlin – Montreal).

Ito, Narihiko (ed.): China entdeckt Rosa Luxemburg. Internationale Rosa-Luxemburg-Gesellschaft in Guangzhou am 21./22. November 2004, Berlin, Dietz, 2007. (Eckhard Müller, Berlin).

Kuljić, Todor: Kultura sećanja. Teorijska objašnjenja upotrebe prošlosti na zapadnom Balkanu, Beograd, Čigoja štampa, 2006. (Avgust Lešnik, Ljubljana).

Rizman, Rudolf Martin: Uncertain Path. Democratic Transition and Consolidation in Slovenia, College Station, Texas A&M University Press, 2006. (Avgust Lešnik, Ljubljana).

Studer/Haumann, Hellbeck, Unfried: Neue Publikationen zur "Ego-Histoire" des Stalinismus. (Klaus-Georg Riegel, Trier).

• Tănase, Stelian: Clienţii lu` tanti Varvara. Istorii clandestine, Bucureşti, Humanitas, 2005. (Laura Polexe, Freiburg – Basel).

V.2: Presentations and Publishers' Announcements.

Section VI: Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies 2007–2008.

VI.1: Directory of Meetings and Conferences Concerning Communist Studies 2007–2008.

VI.2: Meeting Reports.

Ottokar Luban, Berlin: Die Internationale Rosa-Luxemburg-Gesellschaft an der Chuo-Universität in Tokio, 1. und 2. April 2007. Konferenzbericht.

• Conference about Cominform in Poland, Marxist Historians Meeting in the UK et al. 

Section VII: The International Bibliography of Communist Studies. Issue 2007. Edited by Bernhard H. Bayerlein and Gleb Albert.

Section VIII: Periodicals and Journal Articles on Communist Studies and Related Topics.

VIII.1: The International Article Bibliography on Communist Studies and Related Topics (Journals, Yearbooks, Bulletins). Issue 2007. Edited by Gleb Albert and Bernhard H. Bayerlein.

VIII.2: Directory of Journals on Communist Studies and Connected Areas: Conventional and Online Journals, Newsletters, Discussion Lists, Bulletins and Online Services.

Section IX: Directory of Internet Resources. Websites Relevant for Communist Studies.

Section X: Cultural and Artistic Performances Concerning History of Communism.

Section XI: Discussions, Debates and Historical Controversies.

• Geschichtsaufarbeitung in Spanien: Gesetz der historischen Erinnerung verabschiedet.

Section XII: Miscellanea.

Avgust Lešnik, Ljubljana: On the occasion of the eighty-fifth birthday of Professor Marjan Britovšek, historian of the international workers’ movement.

Nachrufe / Orbituaries: Lev Besymenskij and Akira Saitô.